Snowsnaps: The band

Participate in the SNOWSNAPS : The Band contest

  • You're between 10 and 17 years old?
  • You have a passion for singing and dancing?
  • You dream of being in a band and you'd like to experience something out of the ordinary?

This contest aims to find five talented individuals who will have the opportunity to do studio recordings of six original songs. These songs will be part of the original soundtrack for the new animated series Les Mini-Tuques (Snowsnaps), broadcasted on Télétoon and Treehouse. The winners will also have the opportunity to record music videos to accompany the songs.

YOU and four other teens will become ambassadors!

Don’t forget to record your performance of one of these nowtime! songs :

The entirety of the contest will be filmed in order to be broadcasted on TV or online as a reality TV show. This means you’ll also have to be at ease in front of cameras!

Contest rules & How to take part